We know: 1-Minute Lesson On Satellite TV

What is satellite TV?

Satellite TV is a way of receiving a multitude of television channels by placing a satellite dish on the exterior of your home. Several different companies provide this service by using satellites circling the earth for broadcasting signals without wires or cables.

What equipment do I need?

Besides your television set, satellite TV requires a dish (usually about 18 inches in diameter), a receiver box (about the size of a DVD player) and a remote control. All of these things will come with the service when you order it.

You can also order receivers that will record TV programming for you, such as those with Tivo built in.

Will the satellite dish work anywhere outside my house?

No, you must have an unobstructed southern view of the sky to receive the signal. You can mount a dish on the roof of your home, a chimney, a patio or in your backyard.

Is there a wire from the dish to my TV?

Yup. You may already have the proper wiring, if you have a newer home, or have had cable TV. Otherwise, you may have to have a compatible cable installed.

Does satellite TV offer local channels?

Not always. Satellite TV offers all kinds of movie, sports and news and special interest channels. But local channels for news and local programming are not always available, or they may require a special charge. Be sure to ask about this before you buy.

Can I get high definition television with satellite TV?

Yes, but you must order that specially. It does not come automatically with most services.

Who are some of the companies that offer satellite TV?

The three major provides are Dish Network, VOOM and DIRECTTV.

However, you may get a better deal on equipment and installation by calling a independent retailer like American Satellite, or National Satellite or AllSat and getting you service through the retailer.

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