Fed up with missing your favorite television shows? Heard about TiVo but don't know what it can offer you?

We know: All About TiVo

What is TiVo?

TiVo is a digital video recorder (DVR) that connects to your television. It digitally records up to 140 hours of the television programming that you select.

How does TiVo work?

It digitally records all of your favorite television programs onto an internal hard drive instead of using video tapes like a VCR. TiVo works with any TV set up (cable, digital cable, satellite and antennas) and automatically finds and records TV shows i.e. every episode of your favorite television show, cooking shows, Spielberg films, even cartoons. Also, TiVo can automatically select and record programs that are similar to your pre-selected shows.

In addition, TiVo continuously records even as you are watching live TV. So if you get interrupted you can pause the show and resume when you're ready or if you missed a line you can rewind and see it again. You don't have to wait until TiVo is done recording the show to watch it. Just press play and watch it from the beginning when you're ready.

How is TiVo better than a VCR?

  • No need for any video tapes
  • The digital recording is much better quality than video tapes
  • You only have to set TiVo once to tape every episode of a selected show
  • TiVO finds out when and where shows are on and automatically records them for you
  • Stores up to 140 hours of programming

Is there more than one type of TiVo?

Actually, there are four main types of TiVo:

  1. Standard Box- Comes in three variations, 40 hours of recording, 80 hours of recording or 140 hours of recording.
  2. TiVo with DVD- Plays DVD's and records up to 80 hours of programming onto the hard drive.
  3. TiVo with DVD Recorder- Offers all the functions of the standard and DVD TiVo's but with the added ability to burn DVD's. With this device you can burn any of the programs you recorded onto your hard drive. Models available with 80 or 120 hours of recording.
  4. TiVo with DirectTV- Offers 70 or 100 hours of recording. Allows access to over 225 digital-quality channels through DirectTV satellite service.

What does TiVo cost?

TiVo costs from $99 to $300 depending on the type of box. In addition, most TiVo boxes charge a monthly fee of between $4.95 and $15.00 for service charges.

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