We Know: All About Pop Up Blockers

What's a pop up blocker?

Pop up blockers are programs designed to prevent pop up ads from appearing while browsing the Internet. Pop up ads are advertisements that appear as windows in a computer user's browser. They most often occur when an unsuspecting user visits a website that uses them. Some pop up windows are vicious in nature and will hijack or take over your computer by creating new pop up windows for each one that you close. Pop up blockers are a user's best defense against any type of pop up window.

What should I know about pop up blockers?

When downloading any software or files, including pop up blockers, be aware that you may be downloading a virus program embedded in or disguised as a legitimate program. To minimize that risk, keep in mind the following:

  • Download applications from trusted sources.
  • Make sure your anti-virus program is up to date.
  • Test how well the pop up blocker is working by testing your machine after you install it. Many sites including popuptest.com will test your system for free.
  • Some types of websites are known for generating not only pop ups but viruses and adware too. These sites include some free software download sites as well as pornographic sites.

Pop Up Blocker Applications

There are many available for free or for purchase, including:

  1. Google pop up blocker: Comes free as part of Google Toolbar.
  2. Internet Explorer: Comes free as part of the browser.
  3. Mozilla Firefox web browser: Free with the browser.
  4. STOPzilla Popup Blocker: Sells for around $30 for one year's protection.

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