Wondering what to do to protect your computer from a virus?

Here are some basics from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

We know: All About Computer Virus Protection

What's a computer virus?

Viruses are the colds and flus of computer security. They are generally imported into a computer (your computer catches them from outside) and can cause problems with both hardware and software operation. They can be very costly to an organization's productivity.

What should I do to protect my personal computer from a virus?

Probably the most important step you can take is to install and use anti-virus software on your computer. Anti-virus software should be installed when the personal computer is initially configured. The software should be updated weekly with new virus definitions. In fact, your vendor may provide an automated update feature.

What should my anti-virus software be capable of scanning and monitoring for infections?

  • disks
  • attachments to email
  • files downloaded from the web
  • documents generated by word processing and spreadsheet programs

Where else should I use anti-virus software for protection?

Use anti-virus software at Internet gateways or firewalls to scan email attachments and other downloaded files. Organizations may benefit from using several brands of anti-virus software.

Where can I learn about viruses that may be out there lurking?

For an updated website of virus information, check out the Symantec virus database. The WildList site provides a list of viruses that are currently loose "in the wild," or active and infecting systems at the current moment.

What the names of some of the companies that make anti-virus software?

Vendors include: Aladdin Knowledge Systems, ALWIL Software, Attest Systems, BitDefender, Bokler Software, Central Command, Cisco, Command, Computer Associates, Dr. Solomon's, Elegant Communications Inc., F-Secure, GFI Fax & Voice, Mortice Kern Systems, Inc., Norman, Panda Software, PestPatrol - SaferSite, Quick Heal, Safetynet Security, SecureComputing, Inc., Security Solutions Online, Sophos, Symantec, Touch Technologies, Trend Micro, VirusStriker Anti Virus Corporation, Zone Labs

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