We Know: All About Online Coupons

What are online coupons?

Online coupons are coupons available through merchants and retailers on the Internet. Sometimes they're only offered by the retailer to preferred customers, but there are also sites from which anyone can download coupons from a variety of retailers. The coupons can offer discounts of anywhere from 10-15% in most cases, and/or free shipping or other perks. Online coupons are available for almost everything including auto parts and music CDs.

To minimize the risk of downloading malicious ware or viruses, make sure your virus protection software is running and up to date. Research the reputation of any online coupon sites through a search engine before using them.

How do I redeem an online coupon?

They are usually redeemed in one of two ways:

  • Print them. These work much like traditional coupons, in that you hand them to the merchant. To receive them, you simply print them from the website in your browser to your printer.
  • Click on the coupon link. It will send you to the merchant's product page and the discount or coupon will be automatically applied.

Online Coupon Sites

Some sites have a mailing list you can sign up for and they'll notify you weekly of their coupon specials.

  1. CouponCabin.com: This site includes coupons from major retailers such as Home Depot and Old Navy. Sign up for their mailing list to get the best coupons every Monday.
  2. NaughtyCodes.com: Use their database to find promotional and coupon codes.
  3. DailyEDeals.com: Has a large variety of online coupons from major retailers including Dell and Office Depot.
  4. DealCatcher.com: Can subscribe to their RSS feed to get the latest coupons and specials available through them.

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