Need a wig? Wondering what you should know before you buy one?

Here are the answers to some basic questions about hair wigs.

We know: What to Know Before You Buy a Wig

What kinds of wigs are there?

Most wigs are made from synthetic materials. However, it is possible to buy wigs (or have wigs made) from human hair.

What are the differences between synthetic wigs and wigs made from human hair?

  • Cost - Synthetic wigs are generally less expensive, often ranging in price from $50 to more than $250. Human hair wigs often cost thousands of dollars.
  • Style - Synthetic wigs come pre-styled, so you know the look of the wig before you buy it. Most human hair wigs are sold to be styled and cut by a stylist afterward. They must be styled each time they are washed.
  • Care - Synthetic wigs maintain their style and do not need to be washed often. Human hair wigs, like human hair, must be washed regularly and styled each time.

What do I have to think about before I buy a wig?

The three major issues are you head size, the wig color and the wig style.

  1. Size. The average woman's head is between 21.5 and 22.5 inches. Small sizes are under 21 inches, and large wigs are designed for women with heads over 22.5 inches. You measure your size by measuring your hairline, i.e., along the forehead, behind the ears and along the back of the neck.
  2. Color. If you are buying your wig online, be sure to work with the company to determine the correct color. Colors appearing on a computer screen can vary greatly and are inaccurate. Often, you can send the seller a sample of your hair (or the hair of someone who's color matches your desired wig color), and they will try to match it.
  3. Style. Wigs come in a great variety of styles, from short to long, curly to straight. You can purchase a wig, and then have it cut and styled by a stylist if you want to made additional modifications.

What is the difference between a monofilament wig and a regular wig?

Monofilament wigs are constructed from wig caps which distribute the hair more evenly throughout the wig than the distribution of hair you might find on a regular wig. They look more natural and cost more.

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