We Know: All About Wedding Flowers

How can I save money on a wedding florist?

Hiring a florist and choosing floral arrangements for your wedding can be pricey. But with a little know-how, you can save big and still have beautiful flowers at your wedding.

  • Know what you want: Before going to see the florist, be sure to flip through magazines and talk to friends and relatives about your floral wishes. Pick out your favorite flowers and a color scheme.
  • Know your budget: Again, before going to see the florist, have a budget outlined. Know most of the floral arrangements you will need and price-check them. This way, you can have an accurate idea of how much flowers will cost and won't be conned out of more money.

What should I look for when hiring a florist?

The key to finding the perfect florist for your wedding is finding someone who suits your personal style. Upon your first meeting, ask for references and to view photos of their previous work. Do their past arrangements look like something you'd want for your wedding? If not, it may be time to move on. Will the florist work within your budget and are they willing to work with you and your ideas? If not, go to the next florist on your list. Is their shop organized and a work of art in itself? Ask yourself these questions and trust your instincts when choosing a florist.

How can I save money on wedding flowers?

If you opt to bypass florists altogether, you can really save money on your wedding flowers and still have beautiful arrangements at the wedding.

  • In season only: Buying flowers that are out of season during your wedding can be really expensive. Choosing in season flowers can save you a lot of money and help you stay within budget.
  • Consider wholesalers: Buying from a wholesaler, rather than through a florist saves you loads of money on preparation and arranging fees. Just be sure you can keep the flowers fresh and have arrangements plans in mind.
  • Make your own arrangements: Rather than hiring a florist, look through bridal magazines and the like for wedding flowers that tickle your fancy. Make bouquets with ribbons or center pieces with pillar candles and rose petals.
  • Go fake: Silk flowers are great for family members with allergies and can look just as beautiful as the real thing. Not to mention, they're way cheaper!

How can I order wedding flowers?

Once you know all of the arrangements you'll need you can either go to a florist's shop and order the flowers, or order them off the Internet. There are many websites devoted to floral arrangements that have convenient delivery times. Ordering online is especially great if you opt to purchase silk flowers.

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