We know: All the Kinds of Water Filtration Systems


Tap water filtration systems work by running water through a filter that contains charcoal. For the most part, water filtration systems will filter out lead, chloroform, and may improve the taste of your tap water.


Faucet Filtration Systems

You attach this system directly to your facet, so that water runs through the filter when you turn on the tap. This slows down the flow of the water. Thereís usually a mechanism on the system that allows you to switch off the filtration when it isnít needed, so the water runs faster.

fauce filter, water filtration system, brita

Sink Filtration Systems

These systems attach to the cold water pipe under your sink. With this system, the filtered water must come in through a separate faucet. You can get sink systems that use regular filters, or systems that use reverse-osmosis filters, which are are very slow and use lots of water, but are able to filter out dissolved minerals. Installation of sink systems usually requires a plumber.


under sink water filtration system

Water Main Filtration Systems

By attaching a filtration system to your water main, your entire house receives filtered water. This type of system helps to protect your washing machine and dishwasher from the sediment that may be in your water system. Installation usually requires a plumber.


whole house water main filtration system

Counter Top Filtration Systems

Probably the most familiar alternative to bottled water, these systems, like the Brita, use a container that sets on your counter top or in the fridge to filter your tap water.

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Remember - Most of these systems use cartridges with filters that must be replaced. Besides the cost of the equipment itself (which may include installation by a plumber), be sure to check to see how often the cartridge must be replaced, and how expensive it is.

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