Are you or someone you know in need of assistance when it comes to walking?

Walkers are great for increasing mobility.

We Know: All About Walkers

What is a walker?

A walker is a device consisting of a metal frame with handles and either rubber castors or wheels that acts as an aid to those who have difficulty walking or moving about.

What are the different types of walkers?

There are several types of walkers to choose from. Each type suits a different need.

  • Standard: A standard walker is picked up with each step forward, is lightweight and is for people who need assistance walking but can lift objects.
  • Rolling: Walkers that have wheels on the front legs are great for those who cannot lift objects. These walkers only require a push to move forward.
  • Forearm support: People who have poor use of their upper extremities can benefit from a walker with forearm support. The arms slide into holdings that allow the user to lean over the walker much more easily.
  • Stair climbing: Some walkers are especially built to help aid people get up and down stairs. These devices are most commonly used by paraplegics who are in otherwise good health, as they take considerable upper-body strength to lift.

What are the features of a walker?

  • Folding: Many walkers can fold up into small sizes for easy storage.
  • Adjustable: It would be rather expensive to have a walker custom-built to your height, that is why good walkers come with adjustable frames.
  • Handgrips and feet: A good walker will have handgrips to avoid slipping and rubber feet so it doesn't skid or slide out from under you.
  • Wheels: Rolling walkers come with wheels on the two front feet. In order for this to be safe to use, such walkers also come with a hand braking system.
  • Removable seat: Some walkers come with a removable seat and backrest. These are typically used indoors for short rests between walks.

What do walkers typically cost?

Walkers cost between $50 and $200. The standard walker prices at the low-end and the rolling walker with seat will be at the high-end.

What are brands of walkers?

Common manufacturers of walkers include Guardian, Rubbermaid, Invacare and Lifecare.

Where can I find a walker?

Walkers are often a prescription and your medical insurance will cover some of the cost. However, walkers can be bought at medical supply stores without a prescription as well.

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