We know: Five Facts About Vacuum Cleaners

There are more than a dozen manufacturers and, literally, hundreds of models from which to choose. Hoover is the largest, Kenmore the next. Some makes you’re already familiar with, like Dirt Devil, Eureka and Kirby. And others will surprise you because they’re better known for making other things, like Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo and Samsung.

Whatever make or model you end up buying, here are 5 basic facts that you should know:

Upright vacuum Canister vacuum

1. Vacuum cleaners come in two basic styles, upright and canister. The upright vacuum stands by itself and is a single unit, usually without a long hose. The canister vacuum has a small, compact unit that rolls along the floor and is attached to a long hose.

2. Upright vacuums are generally better for vacuuming carpeting (as opposed to flooring) and tend to be less expensive.

3. Canister vacuums tend to vacuum bare floors better because they often have more versatile attachments. They are better on stairs and difficult to reach areas, like curtains.

4. According to Consumer Reports, paying more money for ‘high-end’ features, such as dirt sensors, increased amps or increased suction power may make little difference in the vacuum cleaner’s performance. Also, expensive, ‘high end’ vacuums often do not perform any better than less expensive models.

5. If you’re looking to get a vacuum that’s the best buy, spend a few minutes thinking about how you will use the vacuum cleaner. If you have mostly carpets, no stairs and window blinds, you may want an upright. If you like to vacuum your car, have a two story house, and a pet who leaves hair on your sofa, consider a canister.

Some of the top vacuum cleaner brands include: aerus, bissell, bosch, boss, dirtdevil, electrolux, eureka, fantom, hoover, kenmore, kirby, koblenz, lindhaus, miele, oreck, panasonic, proteam, rainbox, riccar, royal, samsung, sanyo, sebo, shark, sharp, and simplicity. SAMPLE PRICES FOR BOTH TYPES OF VACUUM CLEANERS

Here are some Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for both upright and canister vacuums, to illustrate the range in vacuum cleaner prices. Remember, there are hundreds of vacuum cleaner models available and you can always find them at prices below the MSRP. Watch for vacuum cleaner sales, and try to shop for a discount price on the internet.

Canister Style

Upright Style

Popular Models Price (MSRP) Popular Models Price (MSRP)
Eureka Mighty Mite 3685 Compact Canister Vacuum $130 Panasonic MC-V5706 PowerWave $100
Oreck Ironman Canister IM88


Sharp EC-T5980 Bonus Buy Upright Vacuum Cleaner $270
Samsung Quiet Storm 9069G $350 Eureka WhirlWind Ultra LiteSpeed 4885BT $270
Eureka 6984 Canister $300 Sharp EC-T5180B Bagless $300
Bosch Compact Plus Hard Floor BSA 2222 UC $350 Eureka Boss Smart Vac 4870DT (2004 Model) $300
Bosch Ultra Health Guard BSG 81335 UC $650 Bissell 3561-2 Pro Lite (Replaces 3560-2) $380
Eureka Oxygen 6996 Canister Vacuum Cleaner $900 Sharp EC-TU5111 Upright Vacuum Cleaner $290
Rainbow SE with Power Nozzle (rebuilt) $800 Bosch Cyclone Jet BUC 11700 UC $400
Bosch Ultra Platinum BSG 81396 UC $1,250 Oreck XL Ultra 2 speed 3980/3990 $500
   Royal 4000 Upright Vacuum Cleaner $650
    Dyson Root8Cyclone DC07 $400

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