We Know: All About Sports Camps

How are sports camps different from other summer camps?

Sports camps focus on fitness and development in chosen a sport.

Can I find free sports camp?

A free sports camp is rare, but many cities offer sports camps sponsored by the park and recreation department. These excellent programs are often taught by volunteers from the sports community and cost less than child care.

Is private sports camp affordable?

The costs of private sports camp can be high, but rarely un-affordable. For children who have shown commitment in a chosen sport, this kind of training is well worth the price.

What are the most popular summer camps?

  • Baseball camps that offer instructions for all ages and player levels. They are often taught by pros.
  • Tennis camps train prospective athletes, experienced athletes, and ranked tournament players, as well.
  • Soccer campers start as young as age three or as old as adults. Pre-season lessons are very popular to get the camper warmed up for soccer try-outs.
  • Gymnastics camps offer private and group classes for little tumblers, world class athletes and everyone in between. For children younger than six, it is a good place to satisfy a child's curiosity about gymnastics. For children over age six, many camps are available by invitation only.

What are some of the more unique summer camp experiences?

If your child wants to try something new this summer, consider:

  • Martial arts camp emerged from martial arts schools that did not want to lose their students over the summer to new interests. If your kid is serious about martial arts, then speak to the instructor about summer camp option. These camps are also a good way to satisfy your child's curiosity about a new sport.
  • Fencing is great for the calm, cool, collected, and technically-minded child. If your child is not into team sports, you may want him/her to try fencing!
  • Extreme sports camp camps are marketed to extreme sport-loving, high energy kids. Activities include go-kart racing, paint ball, parasailing, rock-climbing.

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