We Know: 10 Best Places To Scuba Dive


Well depicted in Pixar's "Nemo", Australia's blue offers a colorful explosion of underwater life. On the north east coast of the island sits deep in the water the planet's longest coral reef. On the west coast, the Ningaloo reef has shark whales visitors, coming to feast on the abundant plankton. The braves go dive in the Dangerous Reef, south of the island where the mystical white shark can be observed. And then there are Australia's virgin satellite islands where amazingly rich sea life dwells.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling, all year around diving but mid-March through mid-May offers more planktons and in turn more shark whales.


Under this Caribbean paradise's white sand and turquoise waters lays a diver's dream experience. The San Salvador reef, surrounded of corals and its abundant population offers an explosion of life and color. Explorations of this archipelago are numerous; underwater caves and tunnels, ship wrecks and dolphins encounters, feeding of the sharks of Long Island and New Providence are a few. Cruises are available for experienced divers where discoveries of more virgin and extremely fishy spots are on the menu.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling (with dolphins!), all year around diving.


The odd rock formations below Corsica's coast are shelter to a very rich and diverse marine life. Ship wrecks and the well preserved luxurious fish life make this diving spot a must in a diver's life.

Beginner and children welcome, snorkeling, best from May to September.


One of the most sought after destinations by divers, the Pharaoh's land offers ideal underwater conditions. Diving there is done in the Red Sea. The touristy Hurghda is a perfect beginner's spot. In the south, Safaga, Quseir and Marsa-Alam are home to coral reefs where dolphins, turtles and sharks dwell. On the Sinai side, many underwater wonders await visitors. Experienced divers will get their thrill during explorations of the deeper reefs in the north and south of the sea.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling, all year around diving but best from April to June and Mid-September to Mid-November for a better weather.


Only the experienced divers have the pleasure to dive in the waters of this archipelago of 80 islands. This paradise hankered in the Pacific Ocean offers divers the chance to explore and discover the beauty and diverse life of its protected waters.

Experienced divers only, snorkeling, best from December to May.


With unlimited dive choices, Indonesia's underwater adventures are endless. From the wild island of Wakatobi to Manado or Sulawesi, Walea, Komodo and even Bali, little blue paradises are to be explored. With deep and very colorful reefs inhabited by a wide variety of small or big creatures, such as hippocampus, manta rays, sharks, tunas, turtles, dolphins and more the dives are nothing short of spectacular.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling, best from Mars to September however to encounter whales the rainy season is best (the rest of the year.)


Postcard Islands and waters, this archipelago is home to an amazing variety of underwater wonders. This paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean lends its clear blue waters and turquoise lagoons to explorers of all ages to discover the colorful coral reefs inhabited by creatures of all kinds and shapes. Be it a clown fish in its anemone or a shark whale, everyone can get his or her share of the island's treasures. Experienced divers can go on diving trip to more remote places.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling, all year around diving but best from December to April where the waters, richer in plankton, attract manta rays and shark whales.


Malta's underwater maze of caves, arches, tunnels and reefs makes for unforgettable dives. A very preserved and colorful marine life lays at the bottom of the coast of Malta but also around the Gozo and Camino islands. A very diverse underwater life dwells in these clear blue waters; tunas, dolphins, hippocampus and anemones are a few of the permanent residents that one can go below to swim with.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling, best from June and October.


The Seychelles offer the rich sea life an incredible playing field between the beautiful corals, the gigantic canyons and reef. Clown fish, turtles and manta rays to name a few always look like they are partying in this paradise's blue. Experienced divers can take cruises to get to more remote spots for deeper and wilder dives.

Beginners and children welcome, snorkeling, best from November to May preferring December for the large amount of plankton attracting more shark whales.

Thailand and Burma

Shark whales, manta rays and other massive creatures dwell in the wild waters in the midst of amazingly colorful coral life of the Surin Islands. This national maritime park is only accessible to certified divers. Recently open to divers, the Mergui's archipelago of Burma offer the same grandiose underwater spectacle. The eye gets is filled above water as well on the cruise in route to the diving paradises.

Snorkeling, experienced divers only, best from February to May.

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