We Know: How to Learn to Paraglide

What is Paragliding?

Paragliding is both a recreational and competitive sport that involves using a foot launched flying wing (paraglider) to free fly through the air. Paragliders are quite different from parachutes or parasails. The wings of a paraglider are made from nylon and coated silicon. The pilot is suspended from the wings by strong ropes in a type of reclining chair for maximum comfort in the air.

Who Can Paraglide?

Paragliding is a peaceful activity that does not require a particularly high level of physical fitness. Children aged 12 and up can be trained. Paragliding is considered a life sport, meaning that it can be practiced throughout a person's life. People in their 70s have learned to successfully paraglide.

What Should You Look For in A Paragliding School?

Before deciding on a paragliding school, there are some questions to consider. Price may be a concern, but choosing the cheapest option may not provide you with the best and safest experience. Below are some of the things you should find out about any prospective school.

  1. How long has the school been established?
  2. How many instructors does the school have and what are their qualifications?
  3. What is the average number of students per instructor and what is the maximum number of students per instructor?
  4. How is the training schedule set up?
  5. What are the normal weather conditions at the training site?
  6. Does the training schedule make the best use of time
  7. What are the normal weather conditions at the training site?

How Do You Start Paragliding?

Before embarking on a full training program, it is a good idea to take a one day beginner course. This will give you the chance to experience paragliding and see if you want to pursue it further. Solo paragliding is recommended for anyone who plans to take further training. On your first day you will learn to inflate the wing, kite it in the air, launch, fly and land.

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