We Know: All About Paintball Guns

About Paintball Guns

Some choose to purchase paintball guns as part of a package, particularly if they're just getting into the game as this is often cheaper than buying each item individually. For more experienced players or those with a larger budget, consider buying your paint gun separately. You can get a gun that fits your specific size, requirements, and style. Avoid guns with colors that stand out because they'll make it difficult to blend into your environment. Matte black or green are good choices when you want a low profile.

Paintball Gun Features and Options

When shopping for a paintball gun, consider the following:

  • Handgun, rifle, or shotgun: Handguns are good for short distances. A rifle gives you better long distance range, and a shotgun requires you to pump in-between shots. Some choose to carry a handgun in addition to a shotgun or rifle. Regardless of which style you choose, make sure it fits you correctly. If it's too heavy or long your accuracy will be affected and your enjoyment of the game will suffer if you're not comfortable with your paint gun.
  • Power: There are three types of power used by paintball guns-- electric (battery), spring, or air. Air includes compressed air, carbon dioxide or CO2, and nitrogen. CO2 is the most popular choice for air as it's easier to find and is cheaper. Bottles of CO2 last longer than cartridges, and with cartridges, you have to pause in order to change them out once they empty. Spring-powered guns mimic bolt-action rifles in that a spring is cocked prior to firing each round. Battery-powered or electric guns use a battery, often rechargeable, to propel their paintballs. Electric is the most popular of all the types of guns.
  • Semi-automatic or full-automatic: Full-auto paint guns mean that when you squeeze the trigger, it fires. If you keep the trigger squeezed the weapon will shoot for as long as the ammunition lasts. Semi-auto weapons fire one shot for each pull of the trigger. In some games or playing fields, only semi-automatic paint guns are allowed.

Paintball Gun Models

There are thousands of paintball guns on the market today. Here are several very popular models:

  1. Classic Army Full Metal M16 Tactical AEG Airsoft Rifle: Fires semi and full automatic. Battery powered. Sells for around $350.
  2. Tokyo Marui SIG 552 AEG Softair Rifle: Fires semi and full automatic. Battery powered. Sells for around $300.
  3. WE Dragon II Full Metal Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol: Gas operated. Sells for around $145.
  4. UTG M324 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle: Sells for around $100.

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