We Know: All About Music Camps

What is music camp?

Music camp falls under the category of Arts camps. Public programs that receive government funding refer to them as Arts summer schools. Summer schools in the arts offer several advantages to students. The programs are free of the demands of the regular school day, offer opportunities for students to immerse themselves in an art discipline, and increase the availability of one-on-one or small group instruction.

Who qualifies for free music camp?

Free music camps are usually reserved for public school children who have limited arts education sessions during the regular school year. These camps are funded with government money. These are provided by public schools, public and private universities, and community centers. These programs last several weeks, the length of a summer school session.

What is taught in public (free) music camp?

In public (government funded music camps), students have the opportunity to experiment with, and learn, different instruments. Such programs are usually available to beginners and children who do not normally have access to instruments. For example, In New York City, Summer Music Camp is a four-week musical training and performance experience for public school students from the city's five boroughs. The project provides free classical music training with an emphasis on increased performance skills.

What where can I find a private music camp?

If your child is experienced in voice, or a musical instrument, then a private music camp may be right for him or her. These private camps can be found by contacting local music schools, colleges, and specialty camps. These are usually week-long camps that can cost anywhere from one-hundred to several hundred dollars. Scholarships may be provided for the needy.

What is taught in private music camp?

In private music camps, the student usually specializes in the instrument or discipline of his or her choice. Levels range from intermediate to advanced. Available instruments include stringed instruments, wind instruments, piano, keyboard, and voice. One example of such a camp is the Cazadero Performing Arts Camp Youth Music program in Cazadero CA. It offers four youth music sessions, carefully configured for age appropriate ability levels for grades 5-12. Cazadero features 21 extraordinary conductors from top orchestra, band and jazz programs from around the country, and outstanding professional faculty and instructors.

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