We Know: 10 Best Things to See in London

There is so much to see in London, but here is the best of the best:

1. Albert Bridge

The Albert Bridge between Chelsea and Battersea provides one of the best views in all of London, especially at night. Cost - Free!

2. The Tower

The Tower of London, dating back to 1066 is a must-see historical site. It is also the home of the Crown Jewels. The nearest tube is Tower Hill. Cost - Adult: 13.50 Students and Senior Citizens 10.50 Child: 9 Under 5s: Free

3. The Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous things to see in London. The nearest tubes are Victoria, St. James's Park or Green Park. Cost - Free!

4. River Tours

Boat tours going up and down the River Thames are a great way to rest your tired feet, get great views of the Tower and Westminster Abbey and learn some of the history of London. The nearest tube is Westminster. Cost - Adult single: 6.80, Child single: 3.40

5. The British Museum

The British Museum is the oldest museum in the world and home to such priceless artifacts as the Rosetta stone. The nearest tube is Great Russell Street. Cost - Free!

6. Westminster Abbey

The place where England's Monarchs have their coronations, marriages and burials is also one of Europes finest Gothic buildings. The nearest tube is Westminster. Cost - adults 7.50, under 10 free

7. Double-Decker Bus Tour

One of the iconic images of London, the double-decker bus, is a great mode of transportation for a tour of London. These tours allow you to get off the bus at any point and rejoin at any point. Tickets are good for a set number of hours, usually 48. Location - numerous stops all over London. Cost - Adult 48 hours: 20, Child 48 hours: 16

8. BBC Television Centre

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the most famous TV studios in the world. The nearest tube is White City. Cost - Adults: 7.95, Senior Citizens, Students and Children: 5.95

9. Buckingham Palace

The palace is only open to visitors between July 30 and September 27, and for visitors to London at that time it is a sight not to be missed. The nearest tube is Victoria or Green Park. Cost - Adults: 13.50, Children: 7.50

10. Shakespeare's Globe

Enjoy Shakespeare the way it was originally performed. The Globe Theatre is one of the original Shakespearean theatres, and still holds performances 'in-the-round.' The cheapest seats are standing right in front of the stage. Location - 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside. The nearest tube is Mansion House. Cost - between 5-25

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