We Know: 10 Best Things to See and Do in Las Vegas

Everyone enjoys gambling in Las Vegas. Sometimes the cigarette smoke, flashing lights, and unyielding slot machines can get on your nerves. Luckily for Las Vegas visitors, there are plenty of non-gambling related activities to enjoy. Here are ten:

1.Visit beautiful Red Rocks Park.

Just 15 miles west of downtown Las Vegas, Red Rocks Park is a canyon of striking, red sandstone, geologically unique to Southern Nevada. A comfortable, air-conditioned visitor center has a wonderful gift shop, and a great diorama presentation of the canyon's wonders.

2.Transport yourself to the Star Trek Experience.

Located in the Las Vegas Hilton, this interactive adventure is every science fiction geek's dream come true. Pretend you're under attack by the fierce Klingons or the sinister Borg, or satisfy the collector in you by visiting the best collectable shop in the galaxy.

3.Enjoy shopping at the Venetian Las Vegas Grand Canal Shoppes.

With its cobblestone walkways, world class dining and shopping, and gondola rides for the romantically inclined, nothing short of an actual trip to Italy could bring Venice to life. The Grand Canal Shoppes Mall is open from 10am-11pm Sunday to Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

4.Enjoy the Atrium Level at the Luxor Resort.

The Atrium Level at the Luxor offers a variety of diversions for a traveler. There are Imax Theatres offering short films on extreme adventures. The two-story Games of the Gods arcade is a blast for visitors with kids, or adults who don't mind getting their ear drums damaged. And there is small, but charming Egyptian-themed museum for those who have themed curiosity piqued by the inspiration for the Luxor's grand architecture.

5.Enchant your eye at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

With admissions as low as $12, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art may be the best museum bargain in the West. Within the confines of the small, but lavishly decorated museum you will come face to face with canvases representing nearly every major impressionist painter. Paintings by Cezanne, Gaguin, Van Gogh, Renoir and Monet are just some of the world-class paintings on display. If you have been meaning to jet to Europe lately but haven't had the cash or time, here is the next best thing.

6.Grab some thrills at Adventure Dome in Circus Circus.

For tourists missing the thrills of a good old-fashioned amusement park, Adventure Dome is the place to go. Located behind the West Tower in Circus Circus, Adventure Dome contains five acres of thrill rides, arcade games, and carnival style snacks and food. This is top place to head to if you need to divert a car-load of antsy children.

7. Get your heart pumping with the Stratosphere thrill rides.

At a height stretching over 1100 feet, the Stratosphere looms over Las Vegas. For adrenaline addicts who don't find a trip up the tower thrilling enough, there are three extreme thrill rides atop the Stratosphere guaranteed to get you wound up. Insanity places you in a mechanical arm and then spins you 60 feet over the edge of the tower. X Scream is a giant teeter-totter that rocks you rapidly at a height of almost 900 feet. Big Shot operates like a catapult shooting you nearly 200 feet, from the base of the observatory to the top of the tower. Prices range from $9.95 for a ride up to the tower, to $29.95 for unlimited thrill ride access for those who have strong hearts and stomachs.

8. Enjoy shopping at the Las Vegas Outlet Center.

If you need a break from the crazy pace of the Las Vegas strip, shopping might do the trick. The Las Vegas Outlet Center is located 2.5 miles from the strip, off the Blue Diamond Exchange of the I-15. Premium outlets at this convenient location include Nautica, Perry Ellis and Tommy Hilfiger.

9. Get Medieval at Excalibur's Tournament of Kings.

The Tournament of Kings is a live show and dinner. A medieval theme is played out for the audience, with knights jousting, trick-riding, and sword fighting. Fair maidens serve rotisserie chicken and drinks, with the added fun of no utensils for a real historical lesson in messy fingers (kids love this part). Tickets are rather pricey ($55) so make sure that this appeals to your taste buds and sense of entertainment before indulging.

10.Experience the thrill of the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster.

For visitors to the strip the swooping, diving Manhattan Express that runs outside the facade of the New York New York Hotel and Casino is hard to miss. For roller coaster enthusiasts who take `the plunge' they are sure not to be disappointed. The Manhattan Express drops over 140 feet, achieves speeds of 67 mph, and if that is not enough simulates the barrel roll maneuver of a jet plane. Definitely a unique and thrilling way to experience the famous lights of Las Vegas.

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