We Know: Things To See In Greece


Athens, the Greek capital holds many historical sites, such as the Acropolis. Also, there are many delightful marinas to see; such as Piraeus, Greece's main port; Zeas marina, yacht harbor and Microlimano, a picturesque fishing boat harbor. Kifisia, a classy neighborhood in thenorthwest of Athens, is a great area to visit and dine.


The busiest and most popular Greek island, Crete is also the largest and offers great entertainment diversity. Water or mountain, village or bay hopping, wild life excursion or city walks, the choices are varied and many.


Meteora is the name of the area in central Greece with gigantic rock towers. At the bottom lies the city of Kalampaka and on the very top sit beautiful monasteries.


Part of the group of island called Argo-Saronic islands, with Aegina, Poros and Spetses, Hydra is known as an artist colony. Donkeys are the only means of transportation on this still very interesting island, adding to its magical beauty.


The small population, the natural and biological sights, the absence of roads,and  wildlife, make Kastellorizo one of the country's more interesting islands.


The Sporades are made of 11 islands, 4 of them inhabited, They are located off Greece's eastern coast. Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros all offer amazing wildlife, hills, white sandy beaches with azure blue waters. The white architecture you have seen on postcards set against the blue background of the sea is as charming as the pictures.

Mount Parnassus

In Greek mythology, this mountain is home to the muses and and sacred to Apollo. Towering over Delphi in central Greece, it offers incredible views of olive groves and Greece's countryside. It also offers great skiing where two great stations can be found; Kellaria and Fterolakka.


The epitome of the Greek island's cliché, Santorini's village hangs on a cliff. Impressive beaches feature white, red or even black sand.


Olympia is one of the busiest Greek tourist destinations. Though most of sites where destroyed, steps and columns remain. The village of Olympia offers many shops, cafes and restaurants. South of Olympia, the Temple at Bassae, dedicated to Apollo, is one of the most beautiful and well preserved Greek temples.

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