We Know: All About Grand Canyon Tours

What are the best ways to tour the Grand Canyon?

When imagining a tour of the Grand Canyon, most people picture riding on mules or hiking through the trails. You can also tour the Grand Canyon by plane, river raft, jeep, and train.

What can I expect when touring the Grand Canyon by plane?

When touring the Grand Canyon by airplane, you can expect your tour to start at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport where you will board the tour plane. When booking your tour, make sure the airplane has large windows and a wing design that offers unobstructed views. Your tour should include views of the East Rim of the Canyon, particularly right after sunrise, and Marble Canyon. Your tour guide should make several stops to allow you to see sights such as the Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon, and the Marble Canyon. Airplane tours can cost anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00.

What can I expect when touring the Grand Canyon by river raft?

You can expect a 12-hour 15.5-mile float trip with an experienced river guide in a large 22-passenger raft. You will learn about the Glen Canyon through which the river flows, and you will stop to see ancient petroglyphs. The cost for children is $100.00 and adults are typically charged $150.00.

What can I expect when touring the Grand Canyon by jeep?

One of the many jeep tours you can take is a three-hour tour that will take you deep into the Kaibab National Forest to see the wildlife. You may have he opportunity to scale the lookout tower and view the canyon, the Painted Dessert, and San Franciso peaks. Alternately, you can take the longer Deluxe Grand tour that will take you into the Forest, and to the Indian Cave Paintings. Expect to pay $50.00 for children and $75.00 for adults.

What can I expect when touring the Grand Canyon by Train?

You can take the Grand Canyon Railway, which will begin your tour in Williams Arizona and take you the 60 miles to the Grand Canyon by way of scenic forests and breathtaking mountains. This tour is a great way to start your Grand Canyon Vacation. Prices range from $75.00 to $180.00.

What can I expect when touring the Grand Canyon by mule?

The first thing you can expect is to have a hard time getting a mule tour if you do not book it up to 8 months in advance. Also, do not expect to get a mule ride if you weigh over 200 pounds or if you are shorter than 4 feet 7 inches. You should also not be pregnant of have fears of animals or heights. These rules are for your safety as well as the mules. You can take a day trip lasting about 7 hours or an overnight 2-day trip into the canyon by mule. Expect to pay $140 per person for a 1-day trip and $370 for a two-day trip.

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