We Know: All About Camping Gear

About Camping Gear

You don't have to rough it anymore with today's gear and the large selection of lightweight and inexpensive materials.

Available Camping Gear

There's a full selection of camping gear available to you, depending on your needs. Consider investing in the following if you haven't already:

  • Tent
    At the minimum it should be waterproof. If you plan to camp in area that may cold temperatures in addition to rain, you may be wise to invest in a three-season tent. All-season tents are for those who plan to camp during winter or snow conditions. Higher quality tents are often designed to be as light as possible for hiking purposes, but they're also more expensive than the bulkier tents. Invest in additional waterproofing for your tent. Eventually, you'll need it. If you have an older tent, apply the waterproofing paste or spray before you leave for your camping trip. Simply set the tent up on your lawn as you would while camping, and apply the waterproofer.
  • Sleeping bag
    A good rule of thumb is to get a bag whose lowest temperature is slightly higher than you'll need in the worst scenario, and lightweight if you'll be packing it on the trail. Generally, with more warmth comes more weight. Take only what you need but don't take less than you'll want. A sleeping bag liner can extend the life of your bag and keep you warmer and drier too.
  • Stove
    If you'll be hiking, then invest in a lightweight multi-fuel backpacker's stove. If you'll be car camping it, take the biggest stove with the most features. If space and weight aren't an issue, you might as well have the ability to cook up delicious meals quickly and easily. Invest in a two-burner propane gas stove if you're not going to be hiking it into camp.
  • Cookware
    Again, if space and weight isn't a consideration, go for what will make you feel like a king on the road. Camping doesn't mean you have to rough it. Making pancakes shouldn't have to be a challenge while camping. At the very least, whether you're hiking or car camping, have a good frying pan and pot with a lid for boiling. Beyond that, a spatula, wire whisk, and tongs will be enough for most occasions. Take only enough bowls and mugs or cups that you'll need.

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