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We Know: All About How to Give a Bachelor Party

What is a bachelor party?

A bachelor party is also referred to as a stag party and is thrown for men who are about to get married. This party is supposed to celebrate a man's final night as a single man with drinking, gambling and strippers and his closest male friends.

Why do people have bachelor parties?

Many men feel the need to have one final night to blow off steam as a single man. The commitment of marriage is very real and can be scary to some men. The bachelor party is meant to lighten the mood a bit and bring in a bit of bawdy fun for the groom-to-be. Each bachelor party is unique. Whether you decide to go all out and hire a stripper or you want more modest celebration is up to you!

Who typically throws the bachelor party?

The best man to the groom is usually the gentleman responsible to planning, coordinating, and throwing the bachelor party.

How can I plan a bachelor party?

Here are a few tips to ensure a successful send off into married life for the groom-to-be.

  • Discuss your plans with the groom: You don't have to tell him everything, but ask the groom about days and times that are convenient for him for the party. Seek his advice on the guest list and if he says no strippers, don't hire one!

  • Keep the groom in mind: When choosing the venue and party theme, keep the groom's interests and likes in mind. If he loves baseball, maybe a baseball theme would be fitting. Use your imagination.

  • Develop a budget: Decide how much you're willing to spend on this party ahead of time and let other attendants know about any costs they will have to pay ahead of time as well. Never collect money at or after the party. It's not in good taste.

  • Use common sense: If the wedding is the day after the bachelor party, don't load the groom up on alcohol so much that he'll have a hangover. He will want to be alert and aware when he takes his vows.

  • Set designated drivers: Whether you plan for taxis or arrange for someone to be a designated driver, ensuring everyone gets home safely should they drink is very important. Be a responsible party planner and make this a priority.

How much does a bachelor party cost?

The cost of a bachelor party varies depending on the venue chosen, activities, whether or not alcohol will be served and the number of guests in attendance. A quiet dinner party could cost a few hundred dollars, while an extravagant night out on the town with limo service could cost a few thousand dollars. Budget accordingly!

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