We Know: All About the Smart Car

What's a smart car?

A subsidiary of Daimler-Chrysler, called Micro Compact Car, are the makers of the Smart Car, an extremely small vehicle that's designed to be easily parked and driven in crowded urban environments. Manufactured in France, the Smart Car was designed by Swatch and engineered by Mercedes-Benz.

About the Smart Car

A little over eight feet long, the Smart Car has a tight turning radius of about 28 feet. With 9.2 cubic feet of space, the Smart Car seats two people and comes with ABS brakes as well as an independent suspension.

The Smart Car has three models to choose from; the Pure, Pulse, and the Passion. All three come with driver and passenger side air bags, a 4.8 gallon fuel tank, and a three-cylinder turbocharged 599cc Mercedes-Benz engine.

The Pure Smart Car

  • Costs about $8,700.
  • Solid roof.
  • Steel wheels.
  • Silica energy saving tires.
  • Gets 56 miles per gallon.
  • Left and right hand drive.
  • 45 horsepower engine.
  • Options include CD player, fog lights, side air bags, alloy wheels, air conditioning, automatic transmission, navigation system, velour carpet mats.

The Pulse Smart Car

  • Costs about $10,000.
  • 62 horsepower engine.
  • Sportline alloy wheels.
  • Clutch-less six-speed manual transmission.
  • Fog lights.
  • Leather interior.
  • Left hand drive.
  • Glass roof.
  • Digital gear display.
  • Options include CD player, navigation system, side airbags, velour carpet mats.

The Passion Smart Car

  • Costs about $11,000.
  • 54 horsepower engine.
  • Up to 60 miles per gallon on unleaded fuel. A diesel model of the Passion is also available.
  • Clutch-less six-speed transmission that can be operated as a manual or automatic transmission.
  • Digital gear display.
  • Rear wiper.
  • Tinted glass roof.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Leather gearshift.
  • Rear windshield heater.
  • Nine body panels that can be quickly swapped out with different colored panels.
  • Leather steering wheel.
  • Luggage compartment cover.
  • Options include CD player, navigation system, side airbags, velour carpet mats.

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