We Know: All About Prepaid Auto Driving


What is Prepaid Auto Driving?

Prepaid auto driving is a process through which you purchase a prepaid voucher from your travel agent to take to the rental agency, instead of renting the car at the point of pickup.


Why Should You Prepay?

There are two basic reasons for prepaying your car rental. The first is if you lack a credit or debit card. Most car rental companies require that you rent a car with a credit card, and some won't let you have a car at all if you don't have a credit card. By arranging prepaid car rentals through your travel agency, you guarantee you can get a car at a fixed price, and that the rental company you go through will give you a car even without a credit card.

The second reason is that, especially if you're traveling, you can rent a car much more cheaply if you prepay for your car rental, and you'll be assured that the car you want will be there when you arrive at your destination. This eliminates the chance that you'll have to upgrade to a more expensive car, though you can still purchase other options when you pick your car up.

A third reason to prepay is that if you pay for the car rental well in advance, you won't have to struggle to find a car to rent when you get to your destination. In many countries, car rentals can be surprisingly hard to arrange, particularly at peak tourist seasons. This is one more way you can make your vacation run smoothly.

And prepaid car rentals may also be cheaper because your travel agency has purchased rentals in bulk, meaning that they can pass on a discount to you.

What Should I Remember About Prepaid Auto Driving?

You should first be certain that you get a prepaid voucher that includes any insurance you'll have to carry in the country you're driving in.

Don't add on every option available when you book your car. You can't remove them to save money if you decide you don't want them, but you can generally add them on when you get to your destination.

Lastly, if you're driving in a foreign non-English-speaking country, make sure you get an international drivers license from your travel agent. If they can't arrange it, most auto clubs can, or you can ask about it wherever you pick up your passport and Visa.

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