We Know: How to Buy a Motorcycle Helmet

About Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets should be well built to protect your head in case of an accident. Some helmets can be used for other sports besides motorcycle riding, such as riding ATVs or snowmobiles. A helmet should fit comfortably but snugly. It's important that the helmet be the right size. If the straps are firmly tightened but you're still able to pull the helmet off, it's too big.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

These are the main types:

  • Full face: These are helmets that feature a wraparound style visor built into the helmet in place of goggles. The visor is usually tinted for sun protection.
  • Open face: These are helmets that are open in front to accommodate the rider's goggles.
  • Flip-up: The visor flips up.
  • Off-Road: For off-road bikers.
  • Snell Rated: Meets or exceeds Snell Foundations M2000 standards.
  • Shorty: Minimal helmet protection.

Motorcycle Helmet Features and Options

When shopping for a motorcycle helmet, the following features may be available:

  • Ventilator hood: Keeps the temperature inside the helmet cooler.
  • Aerodynamic outer shell: Minimizes drag.
  • Form fitting interior: For a more snug and comfortable fit.
  • Removable and washable interior: For convenient cleaning.
  • Fire retardant interior: For safety.
  • Adjustable scalp aeration: For comfort, and to keep the rider's head cooler.
  • No-clog mouthpiece.

Motorcycle Helmet Models

There are many styles, types, and price ranges for Motorcycle Helmet. Here are several examples:

  1. Bell M2: Full face, fiberglass helmet. Sells for around $325.
  2. Bell Vortex: Full face ultra-light-weight helmet. Sells for around $660.
  3. Voyager Sidewinder N (Nomex): Full face ventilated helmet. Sells for around $615.
  4. Shark Sidewinder: Full face racing helmet. Sells for around $730.
  5. Bell Mag 4: Open face helmet. Sells for around $450.
  6. JA-10 White: Open face helmet. Sells for around $160.
  7. N-100E Outlaw Flat Black: Flip-up style. Sells for around $235.
  8. FC-1 Red Multi: Off-road style. Sells for around $85.
  9. VFX-R Pastrana TC-3: Snell style. Sells for around $350.
  10. ST-Cruz: Shorty style. Sells for around $165.

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