We Know: All About The Honda Civic

What Is A Honda Civic?
With a sideways mounted engine and small overall size, the Honda Civic is surprisingly roomy and very economical. Though it was introduced as a no-frills car and today is still not by any means a luxury car.

Why is this? Largely the reputation of the Honda Civic; its good performance, reliability, and overall economy make it one of the least-depreciating cars on the market today. It has a very low total cost per mile. And the older Civics stolen are used to provide parts for the Honda Civics no one wants to give up.

How Is the Honda Civic Equipped?
A basic Honda Civic comes with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission integrated with the engine unit. It's very compatible with parts from any year or type of Civic overall, to the point that newer engines can often be installed in older cars with no or minimal modification. Due to its many years of production and this high compatibility, the Honda Civic has a wide range of options and modifications available to it.

Honda Civics have been through six generations of modeling now. The models prior to the fifth generation have a particularly high power-to-mass ratio due to a unique engine design; in the fifth generation, this changed. Today's Honda Civic engines are still excellent, and because they're designed to have very good parts changeability, newer parts can be used in older cars.

The Honda Civic is well-known among car enthusiasts to be an ideal "tuner" car, or one in which you can modify the engine to get considerably more power without changing the rest of the car.

If you're looking for a car that will keep its value, that you can depend on, and that will give you good value mile for mile, the Honda Civic is a great choice.

How About The Honda Civic Hybrid?
Recently, Honda has explored a new area: the hybrid. The Honda Civic Hybrid, introduced in 2003, isn't a full hybrid but rather an assist hybrid, which means its electric system can help the engine perform better during heavy load times. Like many of the best electric cars today, it recharges its electric system during breaking for maximum efficiency. Its engine has won awards and high marks from the industry since its introduction.

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