We know: All About Toaster Ovens

What's a toaster oven?

Like a toaster, a toaster oven is a relatively small appliance that sits on your kitchen countertop. However, in addition to simple toasting, toaster ovens can do a range of other types of cooking, including baking, broiling and toasting.

Ironically, toaster ovens do many things well, but toasting bread is not always one of them. Some toaster ovens only toast one side at a time. Others just don't do as well as a regular toaster. Some toaster ovens can toast up to six slices at a time, however.

The real advantage of a toaster oven is its other cooking features, i.e., baking, broiling and roasting.

What kinds of features can I find in toaster ovens?

Besides toasting, some toaster ovens offer convection cooking (which saves you time when baking or roasting), and infrared heating, which is designed to speed up toasting.

Also, look for some of these features:

  1. interior light to better monitor food while cooking
  2. an easy clean interior such as porcelain
  3. keep warm function to keep food warm after cooking
  4. multiple rack positions, so you can fit different sized food inside
  5. preset cooking functions so you don't have to guess the time and temp for foods
  6. exterior that's easy to clean (chrome can look messy)
  7. touch pad controls for convenience
  8. removable crumb tray that's easy to put back
  9. timer

What is the price range for toaster ovens?

Toaster ovens range from under $50 for a simple model to more than $500, with features like digital display and keep warm.

Who makes toaster ovens?

Brand names include: DeLonghi, Black & Decker, Toastmaster, Hamilton Beach, Krups, Sanyo, Cuisinart, Betty Crocker, GE, Avanti, Brentwood, BroilKing, Cuisinart, Equipexj, Euro-Pro, George Foremanj, Haier, Hammacher Schlemmer, Waring, Welbilt

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