What is a Tempur-pedic mattress?

Discover what makes the Tempur-pedic mattress unique and how it can improve sleep and posture.

We Know: All About Tempur-pedic Mattresses

What is a Tempurpedic mattress?

A Tempur-pedic mattress is a memory foam mattress made in Sweden. Memory foam mattresses mold and conform to a person's body by reducing pressure points to provide for more relaxed sleeping. Tempur-pedic is the leading manufacturer of memory foam mattresses.

What features make Tempurpedic mattresses unique?

Tempur-pedic mattresses are made from a material called Tempur. Tempur is a foam made with open-aired cells that redistributes pressure evenly and prevents sagging and bulging over time. Other features that make this mattress unique are:

  • High density
    • The mattress contains 5.3 lbs of Tempur per cubic feet. This means that there are more cells per square inch than similar models of memory foam mattresses.
  • Visco-elasticity
    • The mattress can return to the original shape after disturbances.
  • Temperature sensitivity
    • Memory foam behaves differently at different temperatures.
    • In warm conditions, the mattress softens.
    • In colder conditions, the mattress hardens.
  • Relieves pressure to the back by melting into and conforming to the body.
  • Limited trial period with a full money back guarantee.
  • Firmer than most memory foam mattresses.

What models of mattresses are available from Tempur-pedic?

The Tempur-pedic mattresses are distinguished from one another through different sized bases. Each model varies in its degree of firmness. The models presently on the market include:

  • Tempur-pedic Classic - the entry-level mattress by Tempur-pedic.
  • Tempur-pedic Deluxe
    • Has a softer feel
    • Is more luxurious in appearance than the Classic
    • Stands two inches taller than the Classic.
    • Includes side handles on mattress cover.
  • Tempur-pedic Eurobed
    • Mattress cover is quilted and made of cashmere, adding an extra "comfort layer."
    • Micro-fiber suede framing the mattress.
  • Tempur-pedic Celebrity Bed
    • Adds quilted layer to the mattress.
    • Mattress is five inches taller than the Classic.

What is the history behind the Tempur-pedic mattress?

Tempur-pedic mattresses were based on an original 1970s NASA project that attempted to alleviate G-Forces during lift-off. The mattresses made during this period were poorly constructed, and impractical for normal everyday use. Memory foam mattresses experienced a revival in the 90s when hospitals began to use them to prevent bed sores on patients. The Tempur-pedic mattress gained popularity during this time and has become a best-selling mattress for consumers worldwide.

Are there any disadvantages in using the Tempur-pedic mattress?

While quality, endurance, pressure point relief, and a good night's sleep are all tremendous benefits of using this mattress, there are other economic and care concerns that consumers should note:

  • The specialized material and the density of the mattress means additional cost. The cost of the entry-level mattress begins in the high $2000s.
  • Since the mattress has a set price, there really are no additional discounts besides merchandise incentives.
  • Some consumers have reported a funny plastic smell that comes with a new mattress, although the smell eventually disappears.
  • Some consumers report that the mattress is much firmer than first originally thought. Again, this disappears with increasing use.
  • The mattress requires specialized care for spills and stains.

Where can I find these mattresses?

Shoppers may buy direct from the Tempur-pedic or through a local mattress retailer. Because the pricing does not change from retailer to retailer, savvy shoppers may wish to consider purchasing a Tempur-pedic mattress from smaller retailers since these "mom and pop" shops offer additional incentives that larger, more impersonal retailers can afford to forego. These incentives include free pillows and free shipping. Purchasing a mattress from an out-of-state retailer saves on state sales tax.

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