We Know: All About Sub-Zero Refrigerators

What is a Sub-Zero fridge?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are made by the Sub-Zero Freezer Company and contain a unique dual refrigeration technology. Sub-Zeros are available in many models, but the most popular is the combination refrigerator and freezer that maintains separate cooling systems for each section. Rather than all of the cooling capability coming from the freezer portion, both the refrigerator and freezer have their own cooling systems that allow freezer food to stay dry and cold, and refrigerator foods to stay fresher, more humid and much colder.

What are the features of a Sub-Zero fridge?

Sub-zero dual refrigeration systems offer many different features for consumers. Some of the most noteworthy include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer combinations use less energy than a single light bulb. They meet the Department of Energy's standards and can save you significant money on energy bills.
  • Climate Control: Dual refrigeration means that the freezer and refrigerator can maintain different climates. Both are controlled by an intelligent microprocessor that maintains a dry and cold environment in the freezer and a humid and cool environment in the refrigerator. The microprocessor also controls the temperature and humidity in different areas of the refrigerator. For instance, the crisper drawer maintains an even more humid environment so veggies stay fresher longer.
  • Magnetic Door: Rather than relying on suction gaskets alone, the doors of the refrigerator/freezer units are magnetic, ensuring that cold air stays in and the hot air stays out, keeping foods fresher and saving energy.
  • Microprocessor: As mentioned before, the microprocessor controls the temperature and humidity levels in the Sub-Zero unit. But it also restores the temperature within minutes of opening and closing the door and sets the defrost cycles to your patterns of usage.

What are the different types of Sub-Zero units?

Sub-Zero makes refrigerators and freezers for just about every type of need.

  • Under-counter: These models fit nicely underneath your counter. They are available in refrigerator-only, freezer-only and a combination unit.
  • Side-by-side: Contains both a refrigerator and freezer situated next to one another. These units are available in the typical brushed stainless steel or cabinetry style than can be customized to match your interior.
  • Drawers: This Sub-Zero unit comes in several styles and can be installed in any room. They are made as drawers so as to blend in with other furniture.

How much do Sub-Zero refrigeration units cost?

Under-counter models price in at around $1000, while combination units like side-by-side models cost around $6000.

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