Thinking of buying a recreational vehicle? Wondering what you should know first?

Here are the answers to some basic questions about RVs.

We know: The Basics about RVs

What is a Recreational Vehicle or RV?

RVs are living spaces on wheels that can provide everything from sleeping and eating space, to a bathroom, kitchen, running water and a power supply. They are used for camping, travel lodging and recreation.

What are the basic kinds of RVs?

All RVs come in basically two styles:

  • RV Trailers and Attached RVs
    These recreational vehicles are trailers that must be towed by another vehicle or are designed to attach directly to another vehicle, such as a truck. They generally do not require a special highway permit, and they do not need to be permanently hooked up to an RV site. They include folding camper trailers, campers that fit onto a truck bed, and a variety of sizes of travel trailers.
  • RV Motor Homes
    Built in a variety of styles, these RVs combine the living unit with a motor and chassis.

What is the price range for RVs?

Here are some very general prices:
Folding campers - $7000
Truck campers - $13,000
Travel trailers - $16,000
Small motor homes - $65,000
Large motor homes - $150,000

What is the difference between buying a new and a used RV?

In general, used RVs cost about 1/3 of the price of a similar new vehicle.

What are some strategies to find out more about RVs?

You can search the web, pick up one of several RV magazines, go to an RV show, and rent an RV and try it out. All of these things will give you more information.

Before I buy a trailer-style RV, what should I know about the car or truck that will be pulling it?

Be sure to ask your car dealer or RV dealer about these 10 items:

  1. engine horsepower
  2. suspension
  3. battery capacity
  4. transmission capacity
  5. axle capacity
  6. springs
  7. shocks
  8. power steering
  9. power brakes
  10. the cooling system

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