We Know: All About the Types of Wallpaper

What are the different types of wallpaper?

There are several types of wallpaper that fall into different categories.

  • Prepartory Wallpapers: These include wallpaper liners that are used on bare walls and ceilings in preparation for painting or papering, to strengthen a defective wall. Wood chip liners are also used to hide defects in walls and can be painted.
  • Durable Wallpapers: These are either vinyl-coated (plastic with a paper backing), vinyl (tough wallpaper but hard to strip), or washable (printed paper with thin transparent plastic on top).
  • Decorator Wallpapers: These papers tend to be more expensive and attractive. They include Analglypta (embossed, paintable papers that hide wall defects), blown vinyl (also called Lyncresta that also hides defects and resembles the Analgypta embossed papers). Also included in this category are hand printed papers and flocked wallpapers

Which type of wallpaper is best for which rooms?

  • Durable wallpaper that is vinyl or vinyl coated is best for bathrooms and high traffic kitchen. This is because of the scrubbable feature of these papers. You can use fragile papers in these rooms if you wish, but you will need to avoid putting them near a water source and do not expect them to last long.
  • Embossed papers like Analgylpta and Lyncresta make great borders and ceiling papers. The texture mimics tile and plaster ceilings.
  • Designer papers can be used in any bedroom or living area away from a water source. They make great accent walls in a great room or home office. Also, when balanced properly with different patterns or paints, they can create a beautiful bedroom.

What wallpapers can I install myself?

  • You can install just about any type of wallpaper border yourself.  Borders are only 15 feet long and can cut be cut into smaller pieces to not overwhelm you.
  • If you are brave, you can try to install pre-pasted wallpaper yourself.
  • For expensive, hand printed, heavy, or unpasted paper, you should hire a professional. A professional wallpaper installer is also needed if you plan to use wall liner or install wallpaper over wallpaper.

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