We Know: How to Buy a Staple Gun

About Staple Guns

Some staple guns fire heavy-duty staples, while other staple guns can fire staples as well as Brad Nails. Some staple guns use batteries or an air compressor, while others use neither.

Staples are used to install ceiling tile, carpet padding, attach insulation to walls, and for other uses around the house or yard. Brad Nails can be used for heavier duty use such as building picture frames or for hobby projects that need fasteners stronger than staples.

What kind of staple guns are available?

There are many staple guns on the market today, some offering more features and options than others. Here are several popular models:

  • Arrow Staple Gun Tacker. Uses 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 17/32, and 9/16 inch sizes of T50 Staples.
  • Stanley Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Hi/Lo, Model TR150HL. It has an "easy squeeze" handle with a Hi-Lo power level for either hard or soft materials.
  • Stanley Multi-purpose Electric Staple Brad Nailer, Model TRE550, with a Hi-Lo power level for either hard or soft materials. Uses both staples and Brad Nails.
  • PowerShot Staple & Nail Gun, Model 5700. Shoots six sizes of T50 type staples and drives 9/16" Brad Nails.
  • Ryobi Nailer/stapler, Model P300. Shoots Brad Nails as well as staples and features a depth adjustment knob.

Who makes staple guns?

A number of manufacturers produce staple guns, and they include:

  1. Arrow.
  2. Stanley.
  3. PowerShot.
  4. Ryobi.
  5. PowerShot.

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