We Know: All About Snorkeling Gear

What Gear Do I Need for Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a warm-water sport, and doesn't require as much equipment as many other underwater sports. The most critical parts are:

  • The snorkel itself
  • A lightweight mask to protect your eyes while you view underwater beauties
  • Swim fins for propulsion
  • A waterproof camera with a wristband for souvenirs

Can I Buy Used Gear?

Used snorkeling gear is usually just fine. Be certain to sterilize the snorkel and mask, and check the elasticity of the mask's band.

With used gear, you are always better off buying at a dive shop where the salespeople are experienced with fitting you properly and helping you find exactly what you need.

Where Are The Best Places to Buy Gear?

Ideally, you should always buy snorkeling gear in the same area you're planning to dive in. This is because salespeople at the shop are probably experienced snorkelers in this area themselves, and can not only direct you to the best gear, but can also tell you where the best places to dive in the area are. Especially in places with heavy tourist traffic, this kind of information can be worth its weight in gold.

What Else Should I Know?

With today's waters, you should be aware of where you're diving before you snorkel. Be certain to speak to the local lifeguard; polluted waters may require you to use a wetsuit and goggles to prevent injury to your skin and eyes. A lifeguard can also warn you about whether your planned dive may run afoul of other regulations; for instance, Hawaii discourages diving in certain areas when sea turtles are coming ashore to lay eggs.

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