We Know: All About Silk Flowers

What are silk flowers?

Silk flowers are artificial flowers made from synthetic materials that look very similar to real flowers. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be arranged just like real flowers. While they are sometimes made from silk, the are more often made from materials like cotton and taffeta, which remain study and pliable overtime.

What are silk flowers used for?

Silk flowers can be used for all sorts of occasions. From weddings to birthdays to funerals, silk flowers add that special touch needed. Likewise, they come in many colors and flower types to suit personal tastes and decorative themes. Silk flowers are also often used for center pieces at restaurants or dinner parties because they cannot wilt and require little care.

What are the benefits of having silk flowers?

  • Silk flowers carry with them several benefits. First, silk flowers contain no pollen or allergens. If you have someone with allergies in your family, silk flowers can fix this.
  • Another benefit of silk flowers is that they last virtually forever. Because they are made out of synthetic materials, silk flowers will never wilt or die.
  •  Silk flowers also provide a vibrancy of color and originality unavailable in the natural world. These flowers are hand crafted many times to your specifications, which helps to create some of the most unique color and style combinations imaginable.

Where can I find silk flowers?

Silk flowers can be found at many florists' shops and online vendors. However, there are also specialty stores that sell only silk flowers. These stores take custom orders and design arrangements for your occasions. A few places to begin your silk flower search include:

  • Silk Flower Design
  • Fleurs Per Mail
  • Silk Specialties

How much do silk flowers cost?

Silk flowers are similar in price to real flowers. A table centerpiece made from silk flowers typically costs around $40-50. Unlike real flowers, of course, there is no 'season' for silk flowers, so the price does not fluctuate as it does with real flowers.

Note: Latex flowers may cost less than silk flowers, but they usually do not maintain a natural appearance for as long.

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