We Know: Rhinestone Shirts and Apparel

What is rhinestone apparel?

Rhinestone apparel is all the rage for women of all ages. Commonly, rhinestones (which are typically glass faceted crystals with a flat back that use a heat-sensitive glue to bond to the surface to which they are applied), are applied to clothing such as t-shirts and tank tops. Many creative patterns and saying can be designed using rhinestones and they produce a reflective, shiny look to a shirt that sparkes in sunlight and can easily be seen from across the room. Girls and women alike love the "bling" that rhienstones bring.

Who sells rhinestone apparel?

There are a number of companies in the U.S. that create rhinestone-embellished clothing. Our favorite is HipKraft (www.HipKraft.com) who uses American-made, quality garments and materials in their shirts and who have fun and witty designs in many areas, including wine, martinis, Bunco, cheer, fitness and more.

Buying Tips for Rhinestone Apparel

Before buying rhinestone clothing, be sure to check the following:

  • Are the garments high quality? You'll want to look for brands such as American Apparel which have the softest, most durable fabrics.
  • Where is it made? Buying American supports our ecomony and often gets your item to you faster. Ask first if you can't tell where the product is made.
  • What kind of rhinestones are used? Swarovski stones are the best but cost the producer about 10 times what other quality glass rhinestones cost, which means much higher costs to you. South Korea produces fabulous stones that are almost as sparkly as Swarovski stones, while China typically produces a low-quality stone.
  • Shipping costs? Look out for exaggerated shipping costs that help drive more profit for the company. Standard shipping rates of more than around $4.00 for a single shirt are unreasonable, as a garment typically weighs no more than 1/2 pound. Don't get taken on shipping!
  • Gift options? Rhinestone shirts make great gifts, and some companies let you ship it directly to your friend, saving you time.
  • Return/exchange policy? It's sometimes difficult to buy clothing online because you can't see the item in person before you decide on a size. Make sure the company you buy from will let you send it back for an exchange if you need a different size, and a full refund if you're just not happy with it.
  • Unauthorized use of logos/trademarks: Be wary of sites that sell designs that they may not be allowed to. This includes most college names, corporate brands (such as car companies or team names). It's best not to do business with companies that profit by stealing others' trademarks. Look for an indication that the company is officially licensed to make and sell these products. This is an indication of a trustworthy company you can feel good about doing business with.

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