We Know: All About Buying A Projection TV

What Is A Projection TV?

If you have limited space, an easily-darkened room for your television viewing, and a desire for a real home-theater experience, projection TV may be for you. This technology uses an LCD projector to display your television picture on a screen, much like a slideshow or a regular movie would.

Should I Buy A Projection TV?

Projection TV is not practical if you can't show television in a darkened room. But it's cost effective, has really excellent resolution, and may even come with integrated television reception. You can easily run your projection TV from a computer, and it's also easy to pick it up and go somewhere else with it.

You will also need a good surround-sound system for your projection TV. And the projection unit can be used with your computer system to show slide shows, as well.

What Else Should I Think About?

  • Projection TVs require a screen to display their pictures on. A wall-mount screen that rolls up is best.
  • Projection TVs show best in a darkened or dark room, making them great for true home theater but not so good for children's viewing.
  • Most modern television projectors are LCD projectors with three-color separation either in panels or chips.
  • When you see numbers like 5000:1, ignore them. Look for numbers like 720p. Make sure you can bring the projection television system back if you don't like the resolution.
  • A system with a dynamic iris is going to have better resolution and better contrast compared to older systems.
  • Three-chip or three-panel projectors are a better choice than single chip and single panel for your home theater system.

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