We Know: What to Know When Buying Pillows

What are the Basic Kinds of Pillows Available?

There are three basic kinds of pillows: soft, medium and firm. The type of pillow that is right for you is based both on sleeping style and personal preference. Soft pillows are a good choice for those who sleep on their stomachs or tend to change positions while they are sleeping. Medium pillows provide an appropriate level of support for those who sleep on their backs. A firm pillow provides the maximum level of support for those who sleep on their side.

What are the Standard Sizes of Pillows?

Most manufacturers make pillows in standard and king sizes. Some manufacturers also make pillows in a queen size. When deciding on pillow size, it is important to remember that a king size pillow is very large and can be unwieldy, even on a king size bed. Many people use three standard size pillows. There are also European style pillows, which are a square shape instead of rectangle.

What Materials are Pillows Filled With?

The most common filler for pillows is feathers or down. Some pillows also combine both. Duck or goose feathers are used and there is a broad range in the quality available. Down and feather fillings allow the pillow to mold to the shoulders, neck and head. Synthetic pillow fillings are a good option for those with allergies. There are a number of synthetic pillow fillings that range from those which imitate the feel of feather or down pillows to those made of latex foam.

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