We Know: Type of Outdoor Furniture

How will I know what types of outdoor furniture fit my style?

There are many different types of outdoor furniture. You should start your search by looking at the current decorating style and formality in the rest of your home. If you like rustic decor, consider Adirondack chairs and tables made from logs and branches. If your style is traditional, wicker and iron benches and a table sets might suit you. If you are the contemporary type, consider a chaise lounge, hammock, or a bar height table set with a fire pit.

What types of outdoor furniture are more durable?

Outdoor furniture is made from many different materials. The more durable pieces are made from cast or wrought iron, cement, and stone. Some wicker pieces last longer if they are high quality. If they are powder-coated they will also last longer. For items made of wood, the harder the wood is, the better. Teak furniture ages well and often looks better with some patina. With proper care, most outdoor furniture can last indefinitely.

How do you take care of outdoor furniture?

The best thing you can do to take care of outdoor furniture is to keep it clean. Follow the manufacturers instructions to determine the type of detergent and cleaning methods you should use. Some pieces like stone, iron, cement and teak can stay outside all year round. Other items made of plastic, rattan, and softer woods should be covered and even stored indoors during the winter months.

Can I use my indoor furniture outside?

Indoor furniture can be used outside, but it is not usually made to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and direct sunlight. Glass and marble do well outside, but some aging will occur. Upholstered pieces and indoor tables can be used outside for special occasions, and in fair weather.

Can I use outdoor furniture inside?

Outdoor furniture makes excellent indoor furniture. With the proper cushions, an iron bench can make a wonderful lounge chair and a picnic table will convert easily into a kitchen set. The only note of caution is that outdoor furniture may not be finished enough to be placed in indoor flooring and cause scratches in wood and tile. Make sure you protect the floor under your furniture.

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