We Know: All About Memory Foam Pillows

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is often advertised as a "space-age polymer." That's largely because it was developed by a Swedish company to address problems NASA was having with cushioning astronauts. They needed a reliable way to protect the body from high G-forces. Memory foam provided this by molding to the shape of the body, holding the astronaut still and providing extra support.

Memory foam is remarkable for its ability to mold itself, using either heat or pressure or a combination, to the shape of whatever rests upon it. The better quality memory foam softens when heat is applied, like the heat of a human body. It adheres to your shape, but takes a few minutes to warm up first. The lower quality memory foam responds to simple pressure; this is the memory foam you see on commercials, where the hand placed on the mattress leaves a long-lasting imprint upon it.

What Kind Of Memory Foam Pillow or Mattress Should I Get?

The memory foam pillow or mattress you ought to get depends on your needs. If you need all over support, you should find a good memory foam mattress that feels comfortable to you in the store. If you can't afford the whole mattress, you can look at getting a mattress topper that you can place on your existing bed.

If your issue is more localized, you can find memory foam pillows in a wide variety of shapes, from traditional bed pillows to wedges to contoured shapes designed to properly support your head and neck. Memory foam pillows are much cheaper than mattresses, and they're a good way to try out memory foam before you make a big investment in a mattress.

What Else Should I Know About Memory Foam?

Memory foam is great, but it's not for everyone. The things you should watch out for include:

  • A chemical odor. Memory foam carries a very specific odor. It can be eliminated by airing it; I zipped my memory foam inside a pillow cover with dried lavender, and the odor was eliminated almost immediately. But some people stay sensitive to it.
  • Proper firmness. Memory foam comes in several different firmnesses. The only way you can find the right one for you is by sleeping on it a night. Try out pillows before investing in the mattress, or buy your mattress from a vendor that will take exchanges without any hassle.
  • Memory foam is heavy -- really heavy. Try to have it delivered and set up by the vendor, and in case of exchanges, try to find a vendor who will exchange easily without you taking it back to the store and lugging home the new mattress to set up yourself. It may cost a little more, but getting the right memory foam mattress will be worth it.

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