We Know: All About Maternity Pillows

What is a Maternity Pillow?

It is common for women to gain as much as 25-55 pounds during pregnancy. This weight gain can cause extreme back pain. Because lying on the stomach isn't possible, and lying on the back is uncomfortable, it is difficult to get relief. Most women will try to sleep on their side, but a maternity pillow can reduce the hip and pelvic bone discomfort.

Maternity pillows are designed to support both the lower back as well as the swelling belly. Many have adjustable Velcro straps and carrying handles.

More about Maternity Pillows

There are many types of maternity pillows on the market, so you may wish to look for these:

  1. The Sleeping Bean Natural Kapok Body Pillow is five and a half feet long and filled with natural Kapok fibers from the rainforest. Kapok fibers are harvested by locals, and proceeds help to support their way of life.
  2. Some maternity pillows are shaped like the letter U to offer belly and back support.
  3. Some maternity pillows align the spine and hips as well as support the back and belly.
  4. If you are allergic to certain materials, consider a maternity pillow filled with a hypoallergenic polyfill, and a cotton cover.

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