We Know: How to Make Your Own Website

Why do you need software to help you build a Website?

Unless you are a wizard with HTML (the main programming language used to code Websites), you will want a software program to at least get you started. As you gain familiarity with creating a Website and working in HTML, you can make manual changes and tweaks to the HTML code on your own, or add other programming languages like javascript to create additional effects.

What kind of software is used to create a Website?

There are two basic types of software used for building a Website. One type of software is available online. Some online software is downloaded off the Internet for use on your computer, or the online software is used within the Web browser. The other type of software is purchased on a CD and installed onto your computer. The cost of Website building software ranges from free to expensive. The latter tends to be more complex and offers many more features and options.

The two main Web building software programs are Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage, both of which you install onto your computer.

How do you add photographs to a Website?

All photographs used in Websites are digital. They are either taken with a digital camera or are prints that have been scanned into a computer. The image is then optimized, or made small enough to load quickly when people visit the Web page on which it appears. The image may also be modified in other ways, such as size, color, or framing. It is then saved as a .jpg or .gif and uploaded to the Website. Digital photograph manipulation is usually performed by a software application such as Photoshop.

What comprises a typical Website?

There are very few rules, and that is what makes any Website unique. However, there are usually these things:

  1. Home page.
  2. Text relevant to the Website's focus on each of the pages.
  3. Images.
  4. Contact information for visitors to reach the Website's creator.
  5. Internal links to images and other pages within the Website.

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