We Know: All About Lawn Fertilizer

What is lawn fertilizer?
Lawn fertilizer is either an organic or synthetic substance that helps lawns stay healthy, green and abundant year round. Fertilizer also provides lawns with the energy they need to continue growing despite pest problems, weather issues, foot traffic and other problems associated with inhibiting grass growth.

What are the benefits of using lawn fertilizer?
Using lawn fertilizer can provide many benefits to your lawn. An example would be nutrients. Lawn fertilizer is filled with nutrients that grass and other plants need to grow strong and healthy. Sometimes, your lawn may not attain the level of nutrients necessary from the environment to flourish, so the use of fertilizer helps to boost the overall structure and ability to hold onto nutrients in your lawn.

Are there any hazards associated with using lawn fertilizer?
Lawn fertilizers contain many hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to the human body and the environment if misused. Many fertilizers contain chemicals such as nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, and ammonia. These chemicals do no just wash away, and often leave behind a residue that is colorless and odorless that can, over time, cause cancer. Women's breast milk is often shown to contain high levels of the outlawed pesticide DDT, as well as other herbicides and fertilizers. The fact of the matter is that many fertilizers are known to be harmful to both humans and animals. The best advice is to use caution when fertilizing your lawn. Where a mask and gloves and remove your shoes before entering your home.

What are the different types of lawn fertilizer?
There are several different types of lawn fertilizers for consumers to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Synthetic: These fertilizers are typically "quick-release" meaning that the chemicals in them release fast and begin working within a few days. However, these chemicals can cause changes in the soil of your lawn, potentially creating problems for the helpful organisms that live there.
  • Organic: Organic lawn fertilizer is made from natural materials such as manure, minerals and bone meal. These materials dissolve much slower than synthetic materials, but provide a more natural and healthy environment for the organisms that live there.
  • Combination: Combination forms of lawn fertilizers contain both synthetic and organic materials. They are typically slow release and carry attributes of both fertilizer types.

How much does lawn fertilizer cost?
A bag of standard fertilizer costs anywhere between $5 to $30, not taking into account spreading tools.

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