We Know: All About KitchenAid Mixers

What are the different kinds of KitchenAid mixers?

KitchenAid Mixers are some of the most popular and well-made mixers on the market. They come in two different types. They are:

  • Hand Mixers: A hand mixer will fluff eggs and whip cream, and up to 8 cups of flour.
  • Stand mixers: A stand mixer provides the extra muscle to handle bread dough with 8 cups of flour or more and other heavy duty mixing jobs.

What are the functions of KitchenAid mixers?

Different hand mixers have different features, for example:

  • The Classic 3-Speed Hand Mixer has a speed switch and oversized beater ejection button. It is self-cleaning, has stainless steel Turbo beaters that cut through heavy dough and will not clog. It also has a non-tip heel rest.
  • The Ultra Power Plus 7-Speed Hand Mixer is great for baking. It creams, whips, and beats easily and has thin, torque blades without a center post. This reduces clogging and provides easier cleanup. The electronic sensor adjusts power, which maintains a steady mixing speed.
  • The Professional 9-Speed Hand Mixer has a pro whisk attachment that increases air for fluffier mixtures. The comfort-designed handle heel rest will not tip when set on end and the powerful lightweight motor is designed for quiet, lifelong operation.

The different stand mixers also have varied functions:

  • Tilt-head stand mixers allow convenient access to the beater and bowl. This is for high-performance household mixing. A tilt-head stand has a lock lever that holds the head in place and the bowl fastens tightly to the base. It comes in artisan (designer shell), ultra power, classic, accolade, and flour power versions.
  • Bowl-lift stand mixers have a commercial-style bowl-lift design with an easy turn of lever that raises the bowl into mixing position and lowers it. This feature is great for mixing thick batters and heavy yeast bread dough. This mixer comes in the commercial, professional 5 series and professional 600 series versions.

What do KitchenAid mixers cost?

The cost of KitchenAid mixers varies based on type and function.

  • The price of KitchenAid hand mixers ranges from $40-$60.
  • Kitchen Aid stand mixers start around $200.00 (Ultra Power 10-speed, 4-1/2-quart capacity).
  • The commercial-quality 575-watt motor with 10 speeds is currently about $400.00.
  • Commercial 5 Series Stand Mixer starts at $300 and the 600 series starts at $400.

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