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What are JBL speakers?

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Manufactured by Harman International, JBL Speakers are a brand name company that produces audio equipment for homes, cars and professionals. Many times, JBL speakers are used in concerts for premium sound quality. Named after the company creator, James B. Lansing, JBL provided the audio equipment for Woodstock and is thought of as the industry leader in sound.

What are the different types of JBL speakers?

JBL speakers come in a variety of forms for all sorts of consumers-from the most technologically savvy to the average customer. The main categories JBL speakers come in are:

  • Floor and Bookshelf Speakers: This category of JBL speakers utilize all of the latest technology like THX while providing a convenient product for your home. The floor-standing speakers stand upright and are usually quite tall. Bookshelf speakers are compact and can fit in a smaller area like shelving. Whether you wish to use the floor or bookshelf speakers as a part of your home theater, be aware of your varied options. For instance, floor speakers can be used in corners of the room as left, right or rear speakers, while bookshelf speakers often come with left, right and center speakers as a combined unit.

  • Home Theaters: JBL makes a variety of home theater speakers for consumer enjoyment. The most commonly noted product is one that includes a surround sound system of five speakers plus a subwoofer for a complete home movie viewing experience.

  • Multimedia: JBL makes top-of-the-line multimedia speakers that can be used with your computer or to accompany your iPod. They are often sleek in design and provide high-quality sound for all of your digital music entertainment needs.

  • Subwoofers: Adding bass to your sound experience is essential, and that is where JBL subwoofers come in. These floor-shaking speakers add that finishing touch to any home theater system or can bring the bottom back into your multimedia center.

How much do JBL speakers cost?

JBL speakers can vary in price depending on the size of the unit, the features it comes with and what purpose it is intended for. Some multimedia speaker systems cost around $100 while the professional quality loudspeakers can cost several thousand dollars.


Where can I find JBL speakers?

JBL Speakers can be found at just about any electronics or multimedia-carrying store. Examples of store chains that carry JBL products include BestBuy and CompUSA. They are also frequently endorsed by Apple Computers and can be found in their stores as well.

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