We Know: All About How To Buy A Garden Fountain

Where Do I Start?

With a classic look, the relaxing sound of running water, and the humid, growing atmosphere, fountains are perfect for any garden. If you like the idea of having a fountain, you have several decisions to make: do you want a stone fountain or a metal one? In-ground, standalone, or wall mounted? What artistic design do I want: classic, fantasy, religious, funny? And how big should it be?

Always start by browsing online. And don't limit yourself to fountains; looking at landscaping sites, works of art, and celebrity homes can give you some great ideas not only about your fountain, but how you can fit it into your garden.

In-ground Or Independent: Which Should I Choose?

This depends on a few things. In-ground fountains are beautiful and have more options for harmony in your home. They are good for large or small spaces, though they work better in large. You can make the as large as you want, and you can even put koi fish in them if you like.

Independent and wall-mounted fountains are better for smaller spaces, and they are generally less expensive, particularly if you're going for a molded concrete rather than stone. Though you can put them in larger spaces, they don't add as much atmosphere as an in-ground fountain would.

How Hard Is It To Install?

This depends on whether you're installing an in-ground fountain or a standalone. Standalone fountains, particularly wall-mounted fountains, will need either a source of running water or a source of electricity. Most wall-mount fountains require a grounded electrical outlet for a re-circulating pump.

In-ground fountains usually require an electricity source, like standalone fountains. They also require a hole to be dug for the plastic sheeting or shell to be inserted before the landscaping around the pond is done. Some large in-ground fountains also require a source of water, so you'll have to lay pipe to them. Ideally, electricity should be run to your in-ground fountain underground, with the electric wire in a pipe.

How About Landscaping? And Fish?

Once the fountain is installed, you can have fun with it. If you want elephant grass around one side, or anything else, simple ensure that it doesn't interfere in any way with the plastic sheeting under the water; a leak can be a major problem. As for koi, ask the place where you purchased the fountain whether you have the room for fish.

You'll also have to do regular maintenance on the fountain and pump. Keep it clear of algae and moss, except for carefully-groomed landscape moss; these organic materials can clog your pump and cause it to break. Keep it clear of debris as well, and if your fountain is installed so that the jets are at the bottom of a koi pond, you'll have to periodically drain and clean the fountain pump.

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