We Know: How to Buy a Fly Rod

What is a fly rod?

Traditionally, fly rods were built with bamboo though today's fly rods are usually made of graphite.

Why would you want a fly rod?

Fly fishing aficionados consider fly fishing to be the "Pure Sport" as opposed to using spin casting gear. Fly fishing can be more challenging and complex than spin casting with regard to bait types. In fly fishing, various types of artificial flies are used to simulate the life cycle of the fly, depending on geographic location and time of year. Many who fly fish also tie their own flies whereas most spin casters usually purchase their lures or baits.

What kind of fishing is done with a fly rod?

Anglers are increasingly using fly rods in a variety of fishing situations:

  • Freshwater fishing for Pike.
  • Saltwater fishing for Redfish and trophy game fish such as Tarpon, Marlin, and even Sharks.
  • Freshwater Rainbow and Lake Trout fishing.
  • All varieties of freshwater and saltwater Salmon.

What should you look for when buying a fly rod?

When buying a fly rod, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Be sure the rod is not too big for your body type.
  2. The fly reel should be the proper size and weight for that rod.
  3. The fly line weight and buoyancy should be appropriate for the kind of fish you expect to encounter.
  4. Larger gamefish require a heavier fly rod. Smaller fish will require a smaller, more flexible fly rod.
  5. The fly rod's line guards should be sturdy and attached securely to the rod.

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