We Know: All About Floor Tiles

About Floor Tiles

Floor tiles can be used in virtually every room of the house; the bathroom, kitchen, even the workshop. With the proper choice of floor tiles, you can compliment the theme and look of any room.

The most common size for floor tile is 12" square. You can purchase tiles in other sizes, but they may cost more than the standard size when you consider the full square footage. Prices vary by retailer, location, material, and product, but most 12" square floor ceramic tiles can be purchased for $1.00-$2.00 each.

Choices of Floor Tile Materials

Floor tiles are very popular and come in a variety of materials:

  • Marble. Marble creates a classic, beautiful look, but it is expensive and heavy. The underlayment must be strong enough to support it.
  • Vinyl. The cheapest tile material, vinyl is also the easiest to install. Most vinyl tiles are installed by simply peeling off the protective backing where the adhesive is already applied, and then pressing the tile onto the floor. Vinyl tiles come in individual squares or rolls. Vinyl discolors and scratches easily, making it difficult to maintain its appearance. Another downside to vinyl tiles is that when using individual tiles, dirt and debris can easily lodge between pieces. Also, vinyl tiles tend to curl and crack over time.
  • Ceramic. This is probably the most popular type of tile material, and the easiest to find in stores, along with vinyl tiles. Though more expensive than vinyl, ceramic lasts longer and can withstand more abuse. Ceramic comes in many looks that resemble more expensive materials such as marble and slate.
  • Flagstone. Flagstone creates an earthy, Southwestern look. It can be difficult and frustrating to work with, as pieces are not always symmetrical and of the same thickness.
  • Slate. Can create a dramatic look but requires some care to maintain it. Without a proper finish, the slate is likely to flake or discolor. In these ways it is more fragile than other types of material.

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