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We Know: What Adobe Illustrator Does

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a software program used by many professional designers to create complex, quality graphics.

Why would you use a software program to make illustrations?

In the old days, painters were limited to working with paint and canvas. Artists can now create illustrations and images using Adobe Illustrator, and that means no messy paints, fumes, or cleaning brushes. You can save your finished creations on a CD instead of keeping a room full of paintings. Plus, you can repurpose digital images for a variety of uses, something you cannot do with an old fashioned canvas.

What can Adobe Illustrator CS2 do?

Adobe Illustrator CS2 has many features and creative solutions for graphic designers:

  • Easily trace old photos, existing image files, or scanned images that you can then modify and make smaller or larger.
  • Modify or create images to look as if you painted them with watercolors or an airbrush.
  • Incorporate your company’s logo or other symbols into a piece of artwork.
  • Create images using simulated paintbrushes of varying thicknesses with effects like calligraphic or splatter. Or, you can custom create your own brush.
  • Use crazy effects with images like liquify, distort, or warp.
  • Make 3D objects out of 2D shapes.

How can you use the images created in Illustrator?

You can use Adobe Illustrator images in various mediums for many different purposes:

  1. Print mediums, including magazines, newspapers, and comic books.
  2. Videos.
  3. Websites.
  4. Graphical content for wireless devices like cell phones.
  5. Create 3D mock-ups for package designing.

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