Always wanted to own a piano, but have no idea what kind to get?

Here are the answers to some basic questions about pianos.

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What are the basic styles of piano?

There are two basic styles. Grand pianos are horizontal, meaning the strings are laid out parallel to the ground. Upright or vertical pianos are built so that the strings are stretched out vertical to the ground.

Grand Piano Upright Piano

What are the different piano sizes?

Grand pianos range in size from 5' to 10' 1" in length. The small size is called a baby grand, the largest size is called a concert grand.

Upright pianos are categorized by height. (They all take up about the same floor space.

  • The smallest vertical piano is a spinet, which is 36-39" high.
  • Console pianos are 39-42".
  • Studio pianos are 42" or higher.

How many different brands of pianos are there?

More than 50.

If I buy a new piano, what should I keep in mind?

Be sure to ask the seller about:

  1. The warranty. It should be for at least 5 years. A common warranty does not cover tuning. It may or may not cover the finish.
  2. Delivery. Find out if that's covered in the price.
  3. Bench. Make sure you're also getting the bench when you purchase the piano.
  4. Ask if the seller has both repair and maintenance technicians and facilities on hand, or you may have to go looking by yourself.
  5. If you buy a show room model, tell the dealer you want it cleaned before it's delivered, and tuned afterwards (moving and delivery will make the piano go out of tune)

If I buy a used piano, what should I keep in mind?

Before you buy a used piano:

  1. Test all the keys, and make sure the keyboard, pedals and hammers don't stick or squeak.
  2. Open the top of the piano to be sure all the strings and hammers are in place and in working order.
  3. Ask for a history of ownership.
  4. Give the brand name and serial number to a piano technician to check the age of the piano.
  5. If you think you may want to purchase a particular piano, hire a piano tuner-technician to inspect it for you.

What about renting a piano?

It's a smart way to decide if you want to buy. Make arrangements before you rent, giving you the option to apply your rental and delivery charges toward the purchase price, if you decide to buy later. Be clear about how long you can rent the piano and still opt to buy using your rental money.

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