We Know: Digital photo printing services

You purchased your digital camera expecting to achieve prints like those from film cameras you've been used to all your life. So, when you tried printing your digital photos on your home or office color inkjet or laser printer, you realized it's just not cutting it - the quality isn't even close!

"Now what?" you ask.

There are a number of companies out there that provide just what you need - professional prints from your digital files on real photo paper - and at a price you can afford!

We compared the leading Digital Photo Processing companies on the factors that matter the most to you, from color balance and paper quality to shipping time, packaging, and price. Though this was not a scientific study, the rating techniques used were fair and impartial. The goal of this study was to produce a final rating for the vendors that is clear and straightforward.

Our Approach

The approach taken for this test was as follows:

  1. we created seven test images that portray a number of different test elements (e.g. individual colors, sharp edges, etc.).
  2. we uploaded the images to each vendor and ordered 4x6 prints of each, using standard shipping.
  3. we received the pictures and evaluated them on the attributes listed in the table below.

A professional digital SLR camera (Olympus e-10) was used for the sample photos - though not a consumer-grade camera, the photos produced by it are very neutral; that is, not prone to subtle color imbalances that vary from brand to brand.


The pictures were separated by image into groups, and graded by an independent team on each attribute. The team was not informed which prints were developed by which vendor. The prints were not necessarily ordered from best to worst; they were independently graded using a 1-5 scale (represented by the stars) with 5 being the best and 1 the worst.


To calculate a final "score" for each vendor, each attribute was assigned a particular weight (importance), and the number of stars per vendor/attribute were multiplied by that weight (e.g. = 80% of an attribute).


Photo QualityWeight 
Color Accuracy100%
True Black80%
White Balance70%
Printed Product 
Paper Quality70%
Trim Accuracy/size60%
Edge Smoothness60%
Price (single 4x6)100%





Outer Packaging40%
Inner Packaging60%
Condition of Prints90%
Delivery Speed60%
Overall Rating*
**Our pick**
With an overall rating of 90.8, Ofoto.com, owned by Kodak, is our choice for digital photo printing. In addition, they regularly have sales and special offers for members, and you can earn credits toward future purchases for each new member you refer.