We Know: How to Get a Passport Photo

Where do I go to get a passport photo?

Find your nearest Kinko's, FedEx Store, or Eckerd's - these stores provide passport photo services for a small fee. They will make sure that the pictures conform to passport standards regarding size and quality, and you can even pick up passport application while you're there.

If you are in an area that doesn't have similar stores, look in the phonebook yellow pages for photopraphers-passport. Most photographers are happy to provide passport photo services.

What should I wear?

Before you head off to have your passport photo taken, make sure you're dressed properly. Wear normal clothing, and remember that no hats or sunglasses are allowed. If you wear a headdress or veil on a daily basis due to religious reasons, then it is allowed in the photo. Also, if you wear glasses daily, wear them in the picture. Otherwise, it's required that you remove all unnecessary accessories that might obscure your features.

How do I get a passport photo for my baby?

If you're getting a passport photo for your baby, you cannot be in the photo with them. If the child is too young to sit up by itself, you can hold them up, just be sure that you are out of frame. The photographer will most likely have some tips of their own for easy ways to get the baby's picture taken with relative ease.

Can I take the photo myself?

It is possible to take your passport photo yourself. However, it is important to remember that not all cameras are capable of producing a photo with the required pixel resolution. Even if you think it looks ok, it might not be high enough resolution, and could delay the passport application process. In order to avoid delays, check with the Bureau of Consular Affairs for more information regarding passport photo requirements.

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